and-associates combines extensive experience in workplace and office fit-out, refurbishment, and new-build projects with a focus on how a building is used by its occupants. Varieties of types of space accommodate different modes of working and communication that modern users demand leading to increased effectiveness and efficiencies for both individual buildings and corporate estates.


Space planning takes into account all aspects of the building and we look for interventions that can make a radical difference in how buildings function. Clear circulation routes and shared facilities contribute to efficiency and drive the move towards collaborative working. Our background of 20 years with DEGW and over 15 years partnering with AMA Alexi Marmot Associates have given us a unique approach to matching user requirements and space.

We develop simple, straightforward designs at every scale, focused on improving the environment and experience for the end user. Functional requirements of a project are developed through on-going discussions and consultations with stakeholders, from the CEO to the cleaner.

We take projects from briefing and feasibility stages - where all aspects of a building and it's occupancy are thoroughly examined - through to seeing a project through on site and undertaking post-occupancy evaluations. We are specialists at Design & Build procurement and embedding briefing requirements and detailed design within the package of information.

Our approach is not limited to any one sector and is agile to accommodate the ever changing realities of construction procurement and delivery. Long-standing relationships with client organisations mean we understand both what is required in terms of briefing and the intricacies and nuances of particular bodies. We are expert in establishing a clear and succinct brief leading to well-defined outcomes.